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Praise for Sterling’s first Liverpool goal

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers praised Raheem Sterling after the youngster’s maiden goal for the club secured the Reds’ first home league win of the season…
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PLUS Ian Ayres gobbledygook on why Liverpool cannot afford a new stadium the war on thugs and the FAs PhD in hindsight
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Team lineups: Liverpool v Reading 20 Oct 2012

Confirmation of the starting eleven and substitutes named for this afternoon’s fixture at home to Reading.
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Liverpool’s New Star Shines Brightly

That shining star of course is young Raheem Sterling, who at
17 years of age scored a wonderful goal for Liverpool during this afternoon’s
game against Reading. 

Reading of course were previously managed by Brendan Rodgers
and replaced by their current manager, Brian McDermott, who saw his team
promoted at the end of last season.  That
promotion at this point in time appears to have already run into trouble as
they languishing in the bottom of the Premiership table. A table which, until
this afternoon also showed that Liverpool are sitting in the fourteenth position. Liverpool are looking for their first win at Anfield since
April and with a serious lack of strikers in the squad, it was anyone’s guess
as to where the goals would come from.

Now I know we have Luis Suarez but he is not a miracle
worker which means that if any of the other players can score, then so be
it.  Today was one of those days when he
needed help because for all the effort he put in, none of his shots found their
way into the back of the net?  Why this
is only he can answer, but I put a lot of it down to him trying too hard due to
his frustration.  There was also the
added exhaustion due to having to travel half way around the world to play for
Uruguay.  This meant that due to the
journey back he did not have the recommended recovery time before the next

That aside, the match started with Reading appearing to be
in control for the last ten minutes and it looked as though Liverpool were
going to have yet another nightmare. 
This sometimes happens of course but once a team settles down, things
can be turned around and today they were.

Suddenly the passing of the ball from the Liverpool players
became the same passing that we witnessed since the beginning of the
season.  Reading seemed to have the
stuffing knocked out of them and with their defence opening up Sahin and Luis
Suarez both had shots at the goal.  It
was at this point it seemed that our lack of hitting the target was about
appear once again.  Sahin dipped a shot
towards the goal and missed with Luis Suarez trying the same several moments
later, although his shot went straight over the bar.

Raheem also tried to score from twenty yards out but at this
point did not worry the goalkeeper. But with some fantastic play from the young
man, as the clock facing the Kop showed that twenty nine minutes had gone, he
showed what a fantastic player he is. 
Luis Suarez sent a ball through the Reading defence, which Raheem having
timed his run correctly, picked up and sent it flying into the back of the net.

The sound coming from around the ground was fantastic and
the lad deserves all the plaudits that he will get over the coming days.  It also asks the question – have we seen a
new partnership in the making between him and Luis Suarez.  They picked up each other’s moves extremely
well today and on another occasion the goal tally could perhaps have been much

Suarez himself as I have said was having one of those
afternoons and sent a shot towards the goal – a shot that found the
hoardings.  He also had his fair share of
run ins with the opposing team and referee Roger East.  Roger East is one of those referees who have
been promoted this season from the lower divisions and I guess he wanted to
make a good impression.  So much so, that
Suarez having been brought down was rewarded with a free kick.  Because of what has happened recently, with
the noise that followed reverberating around Anfield, you would have thought
that a wonder goal had been scored. 
Nothing came of the free kick unfortunately and the match continued with
Liverpool still searching for that second goal. 
Luis Suarez was the man leading this search and found himself yet again
the victim of a wrong decision by the referee and his linesman.   No free kick was given and the first half
finished moments later.

Suarez left the pitch with Dr Zaf close behind him, which
led to everyone wondering if he would return to the pitch for the second
half.  He did although it was several minutes
after the rest of the team and then proceeded to run of his dead leg.  Meanwhile Raheem and Glen Johnson gave the
Reading goalkeeper a fright by both coming close to scoring. Luis Suarez,
having recovered from his knock, sent a ball towards the goal, but could not
get past McCarthy.

It was shortly after this that Liverpool appeared to fall
asleep.  Our defence began to look rather
rocky and Reading seized their first chance of the game.  McCleary found a way past young Andre Wisdom
but Brad Jones was on hand to make a wonderful save.  Seconds later he had to do the same, again
this time skimming the floor to ensure that the ball was stopped.

Whether this served as wakeup call is anyone’s guess but
suddenly Liverpool became the dominant team in the game once again.   This time it was Raheem who passed to Luis
Suarez but the shot missed the goalmouth once again. Martin Skrtel and JonJo
who had come on to replace Suso aslo had shots at the goal but, it was not to be
and the match finished with Liverpool getting their first home win by the small
margin of one goal.

At the beginning, I said that Raheem was our shining star
today, but there is someone else who I feel also deserves that honour.  That is of course Brad Jones, who deputized
for the injured Pepe Reina and had a fantastic game and to be honest at this
point in time, I would play him rather than Pepe. Why because Pepe’s form has
dipped and watching Brad for a couple of weeks, may well be the wakeup call
that he needs.

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Rodgers delighted with the three points

Brendan Rodgers was relieved to see his Liverpool side beat Reading at Anfield on Saturday.
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