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Roy the Ripper


Fog was swirling around Anfield last night. It was quiet. You could have heard a pin drop. A sense of unease was in the cold night air. Furtive shadows drifted in and out of view (enough of Ryan Babel. Ed).

The howl of Wolves filled the night sky. A cold terror gripped the soul. The heart of LFC was being torn out.

Roy the Ripper had struck. Again.

I suppose you’ve got to laugh. Haven’t you?

We’ve just lost at home to the team at the bottom of the league but Roy reckons we deserved a home. Against the team at the bottom of the league..

We all know what’s wrong with this picture but it seems the chaps at NESV don’t.

A manager who took us to two Champions League finals in three years got sacked before this season started. By our last illustrious owners who had spent three years raping the club financially.

For our sins we then got Mr.Hodgson. Manager of the year apparently.

Some of us rubbed our chins over that decision.

Roy has spent the majority of this season furiously rubbing his.

I think he hopes there is a genie in it that will grant him three wishes.

If I had three wishes, I’d wish for Roy to leave.

Depart. Resign. Get Lost.

Had enough now you see. The atmosphere at Anfield last night was the worst I’ve ever experienced and I’ve been a season ticket holder for over thirty years.

I’m sorry but I know I speak for the vast majority of Liverpool supporters (at least 96% according to the last internet poll I saw) when I say Roy Must Go.

I hope those people at the club – and in the team – who wanted Rafa out (and some of the internet forums think they know who you are) are happy now. I hope some of the local ex-players who have had a go at Rafa since he departed are happy.

I’ll tell you who aren’t happy. The fans.

Us mugs that actually pay to get in.

Hodgson thinks he was left all sorts of problems to sort out by Rafa.

Rubbish. Rafa didn’t buy Poulsen. He didn’t buy Konchesky. He didn’t buy Joe Cole – the best paid bench warmer in the Premiership. He didn’t tell Pepe Reina to hoof the ball up the pitch all night against the bottom club in the Premiership. You did that Roy.

A few weeks back there was a phone in on LFC TV with John Henry and Tom Werner. It was something of a joke in that you had to tell the call screeners lies to get the opportunity to say what you really thought.Eventually one guy got through and told Mr.Henry and Mr.Werner what the vast majority of us are thinking. Roy Hodgson is not the right man. It is time for him to go.

How far have we got to fall before NESV act? Or are they just Hicks and Gillett by another name?

I’ll leave the last comment on the evening to the steward I overheard when I was leaving the stadium.

“It’s just ale house football”.

Enough said.

And if this goes on more and more supporters will opt to watch the game in the ale house.

Time to act Mr.Henry.

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on 29-Dec-2010, kick off time 20:00

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Liverpool vs Wolves : Live Streams

After two postponed games, we’re finally back to normal. We play bottom of the league Wolves tonight, kick off is at 8pm GMT. Signup is free remember, so what are you waiting for!

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